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    • RT-Radiographic Testing (weldments/welders qualifications)

    • RTC- Concrete radiography prior to coring

    • GPR-Ground Penetrating Radar

    • MT - Magnetic Particle Testing

    • PT - Liquid Dye Penetrant Testing

    • UTT - Ultrasonic Thickness Testing

    • UTS- Shear wave Ultrasonic

    • VT - Visual  Inspection (CWI) (ICC) (API 650) (API 570)

    • PMI-Positive Material Identification

    • IR- Infrared Thermography

    • HT-Holiday Testing

    • BH-Brinnel Hardness

    • VB-Video Boroscope

    • WQ-Welder Qualification

    • WPS-Welding Procedure Specification

    • PQR-Procedure Qualification Record


The goal of A2Z NDT INSPECTION SERVICES is to provide high quality service to our clients and to continually strive to achieve client satisfaction through quality, cost-effective work, and good communication.

A2Z NDT INSPECTION SERVICES offers A combination of traditional NDT, advanced NDT technologies and Inspection Services.

understand and invest in our client needs Exceed our clients & employees expectations Provide quality, stable and safe services at a fair price.

About Us


Our customers understand and demand the value of quality. We will endeavor to maintain their trust through total dedication to quality and unquestionable business ethics. Our employees are our most valuable assets. We charge them to totally commit to quality performance and will reward them accordingly. A2Z NDT INSPECTION SERVICES intends to continue to conduct our business in a responsible manner, to never be satisfied with simply maintaining our level of quality, but to constantly strive for improvement.

Our Values

to be recognized throughout the industry as the Client’s key service provider capable and experienced in handling complex problems and developing comprehensive solutions to nearly any problem.

to provide these services with the highest quality possible using the highest quality personnel available in a safe and secure manner. We must be the Client’s mechanism to assist in the preservation of critical company assets, reduction in liability, and to ensure continued operations that comply with industry regulations in a cost effective manner.

Our Vision

Our Mission

Specialist in concrete radiography and Ground Penetrating Radar prior to coring or saw cutting.


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